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Greenlogic’s October Highlights: Bowlaween Fun and DayRise Networking Dinner

Written by: Greenlogic
Written by: Greenlogic
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Bowlaween: Strikes, Spares, and Smiles

On October 26th, Greenlogic participated in the Bowlaween Client Appreciation Party at Bowl & Barrel. This event was a delightful mix of bowling and Halloween festivities. Attendees enjoyed competitive bowling, delectable food, and drinks in a lively atmosphere. The event was a perfect opportunity to strengthen our relationships with clients and partners in a fun and relaxed setting.

DayRise Networking Dinner: Connections and Conversations

Greenlogic also participated in the DayRise Dinner, an event organized by DayRise Residential. This gathering was more about informal networking and building connections within the industry. The atmosphere was relaxed yet productive, allowing for open conversations and new collaborations. A single photo from the event captures the essence of the evening – a casual, yet focused gathering of professionals.

In Conclusion

October was a month of joyous celebration and meaningful networking for Greenlogic. From the fun-filled Bowlaween to the relaxed networking at the DayRise Dinner, we embraced every opportunity to connect, celebrate, and grow with our clients, partners, and industry peers.