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Leading EV Charging Management Software.

Greenlogic Management Dashboard

Streamline operations with our comprehensive EV charging management software. Seamless management, real-time analytics, and unparalleled control in one platform.

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Why Choose Greenlogic
EV Charging Management Software?

In a rapidly evolving EV landscape, having the right management tools is crucial. Our EV charging management software offers a blend of powerful features, user-centric design, and robust performance, ensuring you’re always in control. Dive into a solution that’s trusted by professionals to deliver consistent results and elevate the EV charging experience.

Cost-Efficient Operations

Maximize your ROI with our intelligent energy consumption analytics. Optimize charging schedules, reduce operational costs, and boost your bottom line.

Empower Every User

From fleet managers to individual EV drivers, our platform offers tailored solutions. Ensure every user enjoys a personalized, efficient, and hassle-free charging experience.

Seamless Integration

Experience hassle-free onboarding. Our software is designed for intuitive setup and deployment, ensuring you're up and running in no time.

Future-Proof Your Network

Stay ahead of the curve. Our software is continuously updated to embrace the latest EV charging technologies, ensuring your network is always at the forefront.

Laptop showcasing the user-friendly interface of Greenlogic's EV Charging Management Software solution.

Simplified EV Charging Management.

Elevate Your Charging Operations

GreenLogic’s Management Dashboard is designed for today’s EV charging needs, offering a blend of power, precision, and user-friendliness. Whether you’re looking to optimize your revenue streams, offer tailored experiences to your users, or simply want a bird’s-eye view of your operations, our platform has got you covered.

With GreenLogic’s Management Dashboard, managing your EV charging network becomes a breeze. Dive into a world of seamless EV charging management today.

Complete EV Charging Ecosystem

Your All-in-One EV Charging Solution

From state-of-the-art EV chargers to our intuitive management software and user-friendly mobile app for EV drivers, Greenlogic provides a holistic solution tailored for the future of sustainable mobility.

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Mobile phone and enlarged screen showcasing the Greenlogic EVC app for EV charging.

Greenlogic EVC App for EV drivers.

Power and Convenience, in Your Pocket

Enhance your EV journey with our user-friendly mobile application for EV drivers. With seamless power management, effortless charging, and round-the-clock support, it’s never been easier to take control of your electric vehicle experience.

Map-based station navigation

Effortlessly find your next charging spot with our app's integrated map. Locate charging stations with a few taps and navigate your way to sustainable power.

Real-time station availability

Stay ahead with real-time updates on charger availability. Our app keeps you informed, ensuring you never have to guess if a station is available for use.

Instant charging start

Begin your charging session instantly with our intuitive interface. With one tap, power up your EV and keep your journey going.

Convenient reservation system

Plan ahead with our convenient reservation system. Reserve a charging station for your EV at your convenience, ensuring a hassle-free charging experience.

Comprehensive charging history

Keep track of your charging sessions with our comprehensive history feature. Monitor your usage, understand your charging habits, and optimize your EV experience‚Äč.

EV Charging Solutions for Diverse Sectors

Workplace & Universities

Utilities & Governments



F. A. Q

Common EV Charging Management Questions

Get quick answers to your most pressing questions about EV charging.

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Absolutely! With Greenlogic, property managers can set distinctive pricing for various user groups such as residents, staff, and guests, customizing rates for different times of the day.

Greenlogic's power load management feature puts you in control, allowing you to efficiently regulate the power output of chargers at any given time, preventing overload on the electrical grid.

With Greenlogic, the installation process is a breeze. We have chargers readily available in stock for immediate installation. Our team will assess your property's electrical infrastructure, determine optimal charger locations, and install the necessary equipment. This process typically takes between one to two weeks, depending on project size and complexity. With Greenlogic, you won't be left waiting.

Greenlogic's charging solutions provide flexibility in managing your chargers. Attract and retain residents, guests, customers, and employees, with free use, introduce a subscription-based model, or generate revenue by charging per use. We assist you in choosing the best model for your business.

Greenlogic's EV charging solutions are designed for the future. As your needs grow and EV charging demand increases, our adaptable system can be expanded to accommodate additional chargers and users. Future-proof your investment with Greenlogic.

Ready to Revolutionize Your EV Charging Experience?

Discover the full potential of Greenlogic’s EV charging management software solution tailored for your needs. Schedule a demo with our experts and embark on a journey towards efficient and sustainable EV charging management.

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