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Greenlogic - Sustainable Property Solutions for Profitable Growth.

At Greenlogic, we offer comprehensive sustainable property solutions – LED Lighting, Security Cameras, Access Control, EV charging, Water Conservation, Smart Apartment solutions, and more. We handle everything in-house, with no third parties or fuss. Our goal is to provide you with pure, profit-boosting sustainability.


We're all about getting better, all the time. Our solutions are designed to make a real dent in energy consumption and your bottom line.


We're serious about efficiency. It's what drives our solutions. Join us in our mission to deliver top-notch, cost-effective services.

Trust & Integrity

We're all about honesty and integrity. It's how we do business. You can count on us for quality products and services that deliver value.

Over 1000 US Property Businesses Put Their Trust in Us

Welcome to Greenlogic

Empowering Your Success with Greenlogic Solutions

Since 2015, we’ve partnered with property owners like you to create a brighter future where environmental stewardship and financial prosperity go hand in hand. As a comprehensive provider, we offer a full suite of eco-friendly upgrades for your property. From LED lighting to EV charging, security cameras to access control, smart apartments, and more, we handle it all in-house. With no third parties involved and seamless implementation, we’re dedicated to cutting your costs, increasing your property’s value, and ushering you into a greener, more prosperous era. Welcome to Greenlogic, where the potential of your property meets sustainable profitability.


Year Installation Service Warranty

Sustainable Solutions for Your Property Growth

From commercial spaces to new constructions, hospitality venues, and multifamily properties, we understand that sustainability and profitability must go hand in hand. Our end-to-end, turnkey solutions are designed to not only champion green practices but also to significantly boost your bottom line. We’re here to demonstrate that going green is not just an environmental choice, but a smart business decision that brings tangible value to your operations.

LED Lighting

Illuminate your property's potential and savings with our LED lighting solutions. Experience superior lighting quality, significant energy savings, and a reduced environmental impact.

Security Cameras

Enhance your property's safety and your peace of mind with our advanced security camera systems. Gain visibility into your premises, deter potential threats, and ensure the security of your property.

EV Charging Solutions

Boost your resident satisfaction and your profits with our EV charging station solutions. Manage easily with our desktop software and keep residents charged with our user-friendly mobile app.

Access Control

Take control of your property's access with our comprehensive access control solutions. From keyless entry systems to advanced gate automation, we offer a range of services designed to enhance security and streamline access management.

Smart Apartments

Transform your apartments into smart hubs. Our suite of services enhances resident experience and streamlines property management. From energy-efficient smart thermostats to water conservation products, we create profitable living spaces.

Water Conservation

Conserve water, save money, and contribute to a sustainable future with our water conservation solutions. From low-flow aerators and showerheads to efficient toilets, we help you reduce water usage without compromising on performance.

Greenlogic Approach to Your Success

A Step-by-Step Process Tailored to Your Needs

At GreenLogic, we believe in a hands-on, personalized approach. Our process is designed to ensure we fully understand your needs and can provide the most effective solutions. Here’s how we do it:

Initial Site Assessment (ISA)

We conduct a preliminary site survey at no cost or obligation to discover savings opportunities, collect equipment data, and determine project viability.

Project Finding and Presentation

After a thorough analysis of the data, we prepare a proposal tailored to the needs of your asset. We present this proposal in detail, helping you make an informed decision based on energy usage savings, cost of waiting analysis, and ROI.

Confirmation Site Audit (CSA)

We conduct a CSA to confirm the project’s feasibility and fine-tune the details.


Our Customer Service Department coordinates the installation for uninterrupted business operations, while our experienced Logistics Team provides professional installations at the time that best suits your asset.

Post Site Audit (PSA)

After installation, we conduct a PSA to ensure everything is working as expected.

System Activation & Training

We activate the system and provide training to ensure you can effectively manage and maintain it.

Warranty Service and Maintenance

All our products comply with the highest industry standards and are backed by the original manufacturer’s warranty. We also provide a one-year service warranty on installations.

Why Wait?

Experience the Greenlogic Difference

Discover how our innovative solutions can transform your property, reduce your carbon footprint, and significantly cut your energy costs.

Immediate Savings

See a reduction in your energy costs from day one.

Long-Term Benefits

Our tailored solutions provide long-term benefits for your property assets.

Unmatched Expertise

Over 50 years of combined industry experience.

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Greenlogic Impact, Your Success.

We’re proud to be a driving force in the green revolution, and our nationwide presence is a testament to our commitment. But we’re not just about coverage – we’re about impact. Real, measurable impact that translates into savings for you and a healthier planet for us all.

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Years of Experience

Why Choose Greenlogic?

The Greenlogic Advantage.

Choosing Greenlogic means selecting a committed partner dedicated to your success. Our experienced team delivers tailored, cost-effective solutions prioritizing quality, integrity, sustainability, innovation, and efficiency. From innovative LED lighting to energy-efficient smart apartment solutions, advanced access & security systems, and electric vehicle (EV) chargers, we provide comprehensive coverage. With Greenlogic, you gain a strategic partner focused on empowering your business for a greener, more prosperous future.

End-to-End Solutions
Expertise & Experience
Value for Money
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Modern apartment featuring Greenlogic Smart Apartment Solutions, with a NEST smart thermostat visible on the wall.

Ready to Elevate Your Property with Greenlogic?

Harness the Power of Green Innovation

Join the ranks of businesses boosting their assets with our profitable and eco-friendly solutions. Don’t just adapt to the future – shape it!

Explore Our Success Stories

Featured Case Studies

Discover how Greenlogic has propelled businesses like yours to extraordinary success through our tailored solutions. Dive into our handpicked case studies below and witness the remarkable transformations achieved.

How Spencer Park Row Improved Energy Efficiency By 40% With Greenlogic

A transformational journey from traditional lighting to advanced LED solutions.

Eastgate Apartments Access Control System: A Case Study

Enhanced Security and Operational Efficiency at Eastgate Apartments.

Comprehensive Security Camera System At Auxo At Memorial

Advanced, user-friendly IP Network Security Camera Systems.

Hear It from Our Clients

Real Stories, Real Results

Discover the genuine experiences and success stories of our satisfied clients. Read their testimonials and see why they choose Greenlogic.

Stephanie Graves
Co-Founder & CEO of Q10 Property Advisors
Read More
Greenlogic's LED lighting has transformed our properties, enhancing safety and addressing liabilities. Their comprehensive service is invaluable. I use them on all my properties.
Raymond Cate
Project Manager at RPM Living
Read More
Greenlogic's professionalism and efficiency have been key to our success. Their team's swift response and customer-focused approach are commendable. I highly recommend Greenlogic for their commitment to quality.
Stephanie Graves
Co-Founder & CEO of Q10 Property Advisors
Read More
Greenlogic's LED lighting has transformed our properties, enhancing safety and addressing liabilities. Their comprehensive service is invaluable. I use them on all my properties.
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