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Enhancing Security at Auxo at Memorial with Greenlogic's Comprehensive Security Camera System

A transformational journey from outdated security systems to advanced, user-friendly IP Network Security Camera System.

Client Overview

Auxo at Memorial, Houston, Texas, is a residential community that prides itself on offering luxury living with contemporary features and modern amenities. As part of their commitment to providing a secure and comfortable living environment for their residents, they recognized the need for a comprehensive upgrade to their security camera system. The goal was to implement a modern, efficient, and reliable security solution that would enhance the safety of their residents while seamlessly integrating with the upscale living experience they strive to provide.

Residential community equipped with a Security Camera System, a project successfully implemented by Greenlogic Security Camera Solution.
Auxo At Memorial Residential community, interior common area, equipped with a Security Camera System, a project successfully implemented by Greenlogic Security Camera Solution.

Scope of the Project

The project at Auxo at Memorial involved a comprehensive installation of a new IP Network Camera System across the property. The scope of the project included the installation of a total of 38 new cameras, strategically placed to provide optimal coverage and enhance security.

The new system was designed to offer 24/7 color technology, even in complete darkness, a feature that is extremely helpful in a search, especially for stolen vehicles. The system also needed to be user-friendly and efficient, with smart search capability allowing the customer to search for video footage with ease.

Our Process

At Greenlogic, we believe in a systematic and thorough approach to every project. For Auxo at Memorial, we embarked on a meticulous seven-step process. It began with an Initial Site Assessment (ISA) where we delved into understanding the property’s unique needs and identifying opportunities for security enhancement. Our findings were then presented in a detailed proposal, tailored to the property’s specific requirements.

Upon confirmation, we conducted a thorough Confirmation Site Audit (CSA) to finalize the project’s details and ensure its viability. Our team of experts then professionally installed the proposed security camera systems, ensuring minimal disruption to the property’s operations.

Post-installation, we conducted a Post Site Audit (PSA) to ensure everything was working as expected. We then activated the installed systems and provided initial instructions and guidance to ensure the property management team could effectively manage and operate the new system. Our commitment to the success of Auxo at Memorial is ongoing, with a one-year installation service warranty, and three-year product warranty included as part of our comprehensive service.

Our Security Camera System Solution

At Auxo at Memorial, we implemented a comprehensive IP Network Camera System across the property. This involved the installation of 38 new cameras, including 11 Dome and 27 Bullet cameras, all equipped with 24/7 color technology for optimal surveillance even in complete darkness.

The system was connected to a 64CH NVR (Network Video Recorder) with an 8TB Hard drive, ensuring ample storage for recorded footage. With its smart search capability, the system allows for easy and efficient retrieval of video footage.

To enhance the customer experience, we ensured that the system could be accessed remotely. We also provided instructions and guidance on the use of the system, including the proper procedure for resetting of devices.

Efficient Management

Enhanced Security

Dedicated Remote Support

Results and Conclusion

The installation of the new security camera system at Auxo at Memorial significantly improved the security and operational efficiency of the property. The staff were able to effectively manage the system using the custom training manual and the online live remote training course provided as part of the project.

The success of the project demonstrated how a comprehensive approach to security can not only enhance safety but also provide convenience for property management. The new system has proven to be a valuable asset to RPM Living, contributing to a safer and more secure living environment for the residents of Auxo at Memorial.

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Products Installed

IP Network Security Camera System

Close-up view of the LTS IP Dome Security Camera, a part of Greenlogic's comprehensive security solutions.
Isolated image of a high-quality LTS Bullet IP Security Camera offered by Greenlogic, showcasing our commitment to providing top-notch security solutions.

NVR (Network Video Recorders)

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