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Greenlogic's EV Charging Stations.

Your path to higher ROI

Revolutionize your multifamily communities with Greenlogic’s cutting-edge EV charging stations and management apps. Crafted for efficiency, simplicity, and durability, our EV chargers are the secret weapon for property owners and managers looking to increase property value, delight residents, and unlock new revenue streams.

Powering Your Electric Journey

Welcome to Greenlogic, your partner in the electric revolution. We’re not just redefining EV charging – we’re leading the transformation. Our state-of-the-art EV charging stations and intuitive management apps are strategic investments, meticulously designed to elevate your property value, delight residents, and unlock revenue potential.

Experience the versatility of our diverse range of Level 1 and Level 2 EV charging stations. With power capabilities ranging from 3.3 kW to a ground-breaking 19.2 kW, they deliver between 12 to 70 miles of range per hour of charging, perfectly suited for any scenario, from quick top-ups to overnight charging.

Our EV charging stations are designed with precision, flexibility, and growth in mind. They’re compatible with all types of electric vehicles and are engineered for 24/7 charging. As your needs evolve, they scale seamlessly. These aren’t just essential amenities – they’re revenue catalysts, with integrated payment systems empowering you to set your own charging fees.

But we’re about more than just power. We champion convenience and sustainability. Our chargers feature an 18ft cable for unparalleled EV parking flexibility. And with our robust 3-year limited warranty and 1-year installation service guarantee, our commitment to quality and service is unwavering.

Key Features of Greenlogic EV Charging Stations

Our chargers deliver power ranging from 3.3 kW to a groundbreaking 19.2 kW, perfectly suited for any scenario, from quick top-ups to overnight charging.

SAE J1772 compliance and adjustable power settings ensure compatibility with a wide array of electric vehicles.

With IP65 and IK08 protection ratings, our chargers ensure reliable charging convenience indoors or outdoors.

Equipped with LAN connectivity and optional Wi-Fi or 4G support, our chargers keep you connected and in control.

Equipped with comprehensive safety features including UVP, OVP, RCD, SPD, Ground Fault Protection, OCP, OTP, and Control Pilot Fault Protection, our chargers ensure your charging infrastructure is protected at all times.

OCPP 1.6J compatibility allows efficient charging management and integration with smart energy management systems.

Fast Delivery with Our
In-Stock EV Chargers

Experience swift service and rapid turnaround with our ready-to-ship inventory of Greenlogic EV chargers. We’re committed to supporting your sustainable journey without delay.

Get Informed with Our EV Charging FAQ

Download our comprehensive FAQ guide to learn more about EV charging, its benefits, and how our solutions can meet your needs. Get your questions answered today!

Key Benefits of Installing Greenlogic EV Charging Stations

Experience the transformative power of Greenlogic’s EV Charging Stations. Crafted to bring value, satisfaction, and sustainability to your property, they are more than just charging solutions – they’re strategic assets for the future.

Boost Your Property Value

Invest in our cutting-edge EV charging stations and significantly enhance your property's market appeal and value. Make a smart investment that pays off.

Delight Your Residents

Exceed the expectations of the modern tenant with our top-tier EV charging facilities. Increase your resident satisfaction and retention.

New Revenue Streams

Tap into an untapped source of income with our efficient EV charging payment system. Transform essential amenities into profitable assets.

Lead in Sustainability

Demonstrate your environmental responsibility by supporting the transition to electric vehicles. Enhance your reputation and achieve your sustainability goals.

Secure Your Future

Outpace the competition by adopting this essential amenity today. Invest in the future and secure your place in the electric revolution with Greenlogic.

Attract Visitors

Increase your property's visibility on public charging maps, drawing in new, environmentally conscious visitors, and prolong their stay.

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Experience the Power of Greenlogic EVC 10, 48A EV Charger

Front-facing black Greenlogic EV charging station, isolated on a transparent background, showcasing our versatile and stylish EV charging solutions.

The Ultimate EV Charger.

Introducing our flagship charger: the epitome of power, reliability, and advanced technology. Engineered to deliver unparalleled charging speed, our premium EV charger turns time into an ally, ensuring your residents never miss a beat.

11.5 kW

Unparalleled Level 2 charging speed

J1772/Type 1

Wide range of EV compatibility


Outdoors and indoors ready!


Unparalleled Level 2 charging speed

Unleash the Power

With a charging capacity of up to 80A/19.2kW, the EVC10 delivers unparalleled charging speed, allowing you to power up your electric vehicle faster than ever before. Say goodbye to long charging times and hello to the freedom of the open road.

Unmatched Compatibility

The EVC10 is engineered to be compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles. With its SAE J1772 compliant, type 1 plug and adjustable power settings, you can easily tailor the charging process to suit your vehicle’s needs. From 80A down to 16A, the EVC10 has you covered.

Durability for Any Environment

Whether you’re charging at home, in the office, or on the road, the EVC10 is built to withstand the elements. With IP65 and IK08 protection ratings, our charger offers exceptional durability and can be installed both indoors and outdoors, providing you with charging convenience wherever you go.

Stay Connected

Connectivity is key, and that’s why we’ve equipped the EVC10 with LAN connectivity, with optional Wi-Fi or 4G support. This ensures that your charger is always online, allowing you to monitor and control your charging sessions remotely.

Safety First

The EVC10 comes equipped with a comprehensive range of safety features, including UVP, OVP, RCD, SPD, Ground Fault Protection, OCP, OTP, and Control Pilot Fault Protection. Rest assured that your vehicle and charging infrastructure are protected at all times.

Experience the Future of Charging

With OCPP 1.6J compatibility, the EVC10 seamlessly connects your EV charger to the cloud, opening up a world of possibilities. Monitor charging data, track usage, and integrate with smart energy management systems to optimize your charging experience.

EV Charging ROI Calculator

Explore the financial benefits of switching to EV charging stations with our interactive EV Charging ROI Calculator. Determine your potential savings and return on investment when you choose our efficient EV charging solutions. Start your journey towards eco-friendly and cost-effective transportation today!

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Laptop displaying Greenlogic's EV charging management software, a cloud-based solution for managing EV charging stations.

Simplified EV Charging Management

GreenLogic's Management Dashboard

GreenLogic’s Management Dashboard delivers comprehensive control over your EV charging network, enabling you to track, manage, and streamline operations – all from one intuitive platform.

Streamline your operations with the ability to oversee and maintain multiple EV chargers from a single platform.

Gain deep insights into charging sessions based on user, station, location, and time to help drive decision-making and improve efficiency.

Cater to your diverse user base by setting tailored rates for different driver groups at various times of the day.

Regulate the power output of your chargers effortlessly, ensuring optimal operation and energy use.

Facilitate your billing and reimbursement process with automated energy usage reports and secure access controls.

Implement a flexible subscription model to meet the varying needs of your users and optimize revenue.

Greenlogic EVC App for EV drivers

Power and Convenience, in Your Pocket

Enhance your EV journey with our user-friendly mobile application for EV drivers. With seamless power management, effortless charging, and round-the-clock support, it’s never been easier to take control of your electric vehicle experience.

Effortlessly find your next charging spot with our app’s integrated map. Locate charging stations with a few taps and navigate your way to sustainable power.

Stay ahead with real-time updates on charger availability. Our app keeps you informed, ensuring you never have to guess if a station is available for use.

Begin your charging session instantly with our intuitive interface. With one tap, power up your EV and keep your journey going.

Plan ahead with our convenient reservation system. Reserve a charging station for your EV at your convenience, ensuring a hassle-free charging experience.

Keep track of your charging sessions with our comprehensive history feature. Monitor your usage, understand your charging habits, and optimize your EV experience​.

Mobile phone displaying GreenLogic's EVC App, a comprehensive tool for EV drivers to manage charging, payments, and reservations.

F. A. Q

Common EV Charging Questions

Get quick answers to your most pressing questions about EV charging.

GreenLogic's EV charging solutions are versatile and adaptable, seamlessly fitting into multi-family residential communities, bustling commercial buildings, modern office parks, and retail spaces.

Power-packed and adaptable, our EV chargers deliver an impressive 11.5kW of charging power with a 48A output, flexibly adjusting to accommodate different power breaker panels.

Compatibility is never an issue with GreenLogic. Our EV chargers are equipped with a universal J1772 connector, making them a perfect match for all major electric vehicle models.

Choose simplicity and efficiency with GreenLogic. Our all-inclusive approach covers everything from the chargers to installation and support, eliminating the need for multiple vendors. Our platform's advanced features and rapid installation process truly sets us apart.

Accessibility is at your fingertips with GreenLogic's mobile app. Locate charging stations, manage charging sessions, view charging history, and handle payment methods and account settings, all from your phone.

Absolutely! With GreenLogic, property managers can set distinctive pricing for various user groups such as residents, staff, and guests, customizing rates for different times of the day.

GreenLogic's power load management feature puts you in control, allowing you to efficiently regulate the power output of chargers at any given time, preventing overload on the electrical grid.

With GreenLogic, the installation process is a breeze. We have chargers readily available in stock for immediate installation. Our team will assess your property's electrical infrastructure, determine optimal charger locations, and install the necessary equipment. This process typically takes between one to two weeks, depending on project size and complexity. With GreenLogic, you won't be left waiting.

GreenLogic's charging solutions provide flexibility in managing your chargers. Attract and retain residents with free use, introduce a subscription-based model, or generate revenue by charging per use. We assist you in choosing the best model for your business.

GreenLogic's EV charging solutions are designed for the future. As your needs grow and EV charging demand increases, our adaptable system can be expanded to accommodate additional chargers and users. Future-proof your investment with GreenLogic.

Go green, generate revenue, and keep your EV drivers satisfied

Greenlogic – Your Turnkey EV Charging Solutions Provider

Don’t wait for the future, create it. Contact us today to learn how Greenlogic’s EV charging solutions can enhance your property and boost your ROI.