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How Spencer Park Row Improved Energy Efficiency by 40% with Greenlogic LED Lights

A transformational journey from traditional lighting to advanced LED lights solutions.

Client Overview

Spencer Park Row, a residential community, was looking to improve their energy efficiency, reduce their overall energy costs, and switch to LED solutions. They were using traditional lighting systems, which were not only energy-intensive but also required frequent maintenance.

Residential community property illuminated by LED lights solutions, a project successfully completed by Greenlogic.

Project Scope

The primary objective of this project was to address the community’s existing lighting systems, which were not energy-efficient and required frequent maintenance – factors that were contributing to high operational costs. The aim was to implement a LED solution that would significantly reduce energy consumption, be durable, and require minimal maintenance. This would not only lead to cost savings but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

Our Process

At GreenLogic, we approached the challenges at Spencer Park Row with a meticulous, seven-step process. It began with an in-depth assessment of the residential community to identify opportunities for energy efficiency. Based on our findings, we crafted a tailored proposal that presented a clear roadmap towards significant energy savings and cost reduction. Once the project details were confirmed, our teams carried out professional installations of LED lights, ensuring minimal disruption to the community’s operations. Following installation, we conducted a thorough audit to ensure optimal performance and provided training on system management. Our commitment to the success of Spencer Park Row is ongoing, with warranty service and maintenance included as part of our comprehensive service.

Distinctive Features of Our Approach

Our Solution

Greenlogic provided a comprehensive LED lighting solution for Spencer Park Row. We installed 429 LED Canopy lights, 164 LED Wall Pack lights, 17 LED Area lights, and 2 LED Post Top lights. These LED lights are known for their energy efficiency, durability, and minimal maintenance requirements.

The Results

The switch to LED lighting resulted in a 40% improvement in energy efficiency for Spencer Park Row. This led to significant cost savings in terms of reduced energy bills. The durable LED lights also required less maintenance, saving additional resources for the community.

LED Lights Transformation: Before and After Examples


The case of Spencer Park Row demonstrates the transformative power of LED lighting solutions provided by Greenlogic. Not only did we help the community significantly reduce their energy consumption and costs, but we also improved the overall ambiance of the community with better lighting.

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Products Installed

Image of the Slim Round Surface Mount LED Canopy, a sleek and modern lighting product offered by Greenlogic. This versatile lights, with its high-quality light output and customizable color temperature, represents the innovative design and functionality of our LED Lighting Solutions.

LED Canopy Light

Round canopy LED light with 24W power and CCT3 color temperature. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Image of the versatile medium Wall Pack LED Series, offering a robust lighting solution for both indoor and outdoor applications. These lights, ideal for enhancing security and illuminating pathways, represent Greenlogic commitment to versatile and effective LED Lighting Solutions.

LED Wall Pack

Forward throw LED wall pack with 40W power and 5000K color temperature. Comes with a dark bronze finish.

Image of the medium size Advanced Area LED Light offered by Greenlogic. This robust and versatile LED lighting solution, with its die-cast aluminum housing, provides superior outdoor illumination and is adaptable for various applications, showcasing Greenlogic's commitment to flexible and reliable LED Lighting Solutions.

LED Area Light

LED area light with 150W power and 5000K color temperature. Comes with a slip fitter and dark bronze finish.

Image of a 100W LED Area Light Post Top offered by Greenlogic, designed to significantly reduce energy consumption. This superior lighting solution provides bright and efficient illumination for parking areas, demonstrating Greenlogic's commitment to smart, cost-effective, and eco-friendly LED Lighting Solutions.

Post Top LED Light

Post Top LED light with 50W power and 5000K color temperature. Comes with a 5-year warranty.

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