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Eastgate Apartments Access Control System:
A Case Study

How Greenlogic Enhanced Security and Operational Efficiency at Eastgate Apartments in Waco, Texas

Client Overview

Eastgate Apartments, located near Baylor University in Waco, Texas, is a premier residential community that caters primarily to students. Known for providing a perfect balance of comfortable, maintenance-free living with a generous selection of floor plans, Eastgate Apartments is a vibrant community that prioritizes the safety and convenience of its residents. As part of their commitment to providing a secure living environment, Eastgate Apartments sought to upgrade their existing access control system. The goal was to implement a solution that would not only enhance the security of their premises but also provide convenience and ease-of-use for their residents, thereby further enriching their living experience.

Entrance view of an apartment complex property equipped with an Access Control System, a project successfully implemented by Greenlogic Access Control Solutions.

Scope of the Access Control System Project

The project at Eastgate Apartments in Waco involved a comprehensive overhaul of the existing, outdated access control system. The scope included the installation of a new system that would control four entry drive gates and multiple amenities areas in the leasing offices. It also required the determination of the operational condition of each door/walk gate post-installation. An integral part of the project was providing initial training to the office staff on the new system and supplying the supporting training materials. This ensured they could effectively manage resident data and confidently operate the new system.

Our Process

Our Solution

Understanding the unique needs of Eastgate Apartments, we implemented a comprehensive access control solution that significantly enhanced the security and operational efficiency of the community.

Our solution involved the installation of a state-of-the-art Pro Data Key (PDK) access control system. This system was designed to control four entry drive gates, ensuring secure and controlled access to the premises. Additionally, the PDK system was extended to manage multiple amenities areas within the leasing offices, providing an integrated solution for the entire community.

To further enhance the functionality of the access control system, we installed five new Liftmaster gate operators. These operators, equipped with battery backup, ensured uninterrupted operation of the entry gates, even in the event of power outages. This feature was crucial in maintaining the security of the community at all times.

Complementing the gate operators, we installed new loop detectors. These devices were designed to detect vehicles and control the opening and closing of the gates, adding an additional layer of security and convenience for the residents.

Our solution was not just about installing new equipment. We also provided comprehensive training to the office staff, enabling them to effectively manage the new system and the resident data.

In essence, our solution provided Eastgate Apartments with a robust, efficient, and user-friendly access control system that significantly enhanced their security while also improving operational efficiency.

Complete System Upgrade

Enhanced Access Control System

Streamlined Operations

Easy Management and Use

System Mgmt Training

Ongoing Support and Assistance

Results and Conclusion

The implementation of the new access control system at Eastgate Apartments marked a significant improvement in both security and operational efficiency. The office staff were able to manage resident data effectively, enhancing their ability to oversee and control access within the community.

Residents enjoyed an enhanced level of security and convenience, contributing to a safer and more comfortable living environment. The seamless integration of the system into the daily operations of Eastgate Apartments demonstrated the effectiveness of our comprehensive approach to access control.

In conclusion, the project was a resounding success. It demonstrated how a well-planned and executed access control solution can significantly enhance security, improve operational efficiency, and provide convenience for residents. This project stands as a testament to Greenlogic commitment to delivering tailored, effective solutions for our clients.

Products Installed

ProdataKey (PDK) Access Control System

Isolated image of ProdataKey's cloud-based access control system components including a cloud node, server, and mobile app, representing Greenlogic's advanced Access Control System solutions.
Mobile-first PDK Access Control System displayed on various devices including a mobile phone, laptop, desktop, and tablet, showcasing the versatility and convenience of the cloud-based platform and PDK node. This image represents the advanced Access Control System solutions provided by Greenlogic.
Hand holding a mobile phone displaying the PDK Access Control app, showcasing the user-friendly interface and mobile capabilities of cloud-based access control systems.

LiftMaster Gate Operators

Close-up view of a LiftMaster Swing Gate Operator, a key component of Greenlogic Access Control solutions. This device ensures secure and efficient gate operation.
Close-up of LiftMaster Barrier Arm Gate, a reliable access control solution provided by Greenlogic, ensuring secure and efficient entry management.

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